Can I pay my rental online?
    Yes. For online payments, we accept credit/debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Click on Pay Bill and log in using your email address on file and password.

What if I need a larger or smaller unit after I sign a lease?
    We will gladly transfer your personal information and payment to another unit at any time.

Do I need to purchase a lock or bring my own?
    At this time, we provide all our tenants with a high-quality disc lock to secure the unit.

What are the Access Hours?
    Tenants are free to access our facility anytime - 24/7/365 - using the information provided at lease signing.

What is the lease term?
    We offer month-to-month leases based on a calendar month.

Do you offer a truck for tenants to use either moving in or moving out of the unit?
    Yes. For new tenants, we allow the use of our truck for one day without a truck rental payment. We do, however, charge 55¢ per mile for every mile driven and the tenant replaces the fuel used. For tenants moving out or using the truck for any other reason, the truck will be available but the daily rental rate of $20.00 will be due as well as mileage and fuel replacement.

Do you offer a Referral Program?
    We certainly do. If you refer family or friend while you are still our tenant, then we will apply a $10.00 credit to your next monthly payment.

How do I move out?
    We ask for 3-days written notice before you actually move out. Since our leases are based on a calendar month, move-outs must be completed by 5:00 P.M., the last day of the calendar month. If your lock remains on your unit on the 1st of the next month - or you have not vacated your unit, you will owe a full month's rent.